01. Denkste denn, denkste denn...... (Petersburger Marsch)
02. Das war in Schöneberg
03. Berliner Luft
04. Solang noch untern Linden (Lindenmarsch)
05. In den Ruinen von Berlin
06. Das ist der Frühling von Berlin
07. Die Männer sind alle Verbrecher
08. Die Nacht ist nicht allein zum Schlafen da
09. Kleiner Bär von Berlin

Music: Lucas Botho, Lyrics: Hildegard Hinze-Kriegler

Botho Lucas’ (1923-2012) curriculum vitae is a prime example of a German musician’s life in the time after the First World War.
From his early youth on Lucas plays accordion and gathers experience in clubs around Berlin. But then his career is interrupted: he has to join the Wehrmacht, and is later taken prisoner of war.
After his return, he starts to play shows with his band, the Lucas-Trio. The trio’s line-up is typical of the time: accordion, guitar and double bass, supported by the players’ harmonised singing („German bar trio”).
From the 1950s on, the trio regularly plays for the RIAS (Radio broadcast in the American Sector). In the 1960s, Lucas makes a name for himself as the initiator of the „Botho Lucas Choir”, an ensemble that regularly performs in TV shows and as a choir for renowned orchestras, and becomes a defining part of German TV culture up to 1980s.
The song „Kleiner Bär von Berlin” was created in 1952.

10. Berliner Samba (orginal Titel: Berliner Polka)
11. Lili Marleen
12. Untern Linden, Untern Linden
13. Berlin bleibt doch Berlin
14. Zwei in einer großen Stadt
15. Was eine Frau im Frühling träumt
16. Pack die Badehose ein
17. Ich hab noch einen Koffer in Berlin
18. Kauf dir einen bunten Luftballon
19. LaLeLu