Passionate sound technician Martin Englert from Osnabrück has already delivered an audiophile masterpiece with his work on “Moskauer Fenster”.

On “Berliner Luft - Berliner Swing” he has once more managed to capture the natural and vivid sound that Juri Artamonov had envisioned for his swing trio recordings.

Microphones used for the recordings:
4x Neumann M49 (tube) (grand piano & drums - overheads)
1x Neumann U87 (double bass)
2x AKG 414 (bass drum & snare)
2x AKG 451 (ORTF)
Mic - Pre: TAB V76 and V72 (tube).

Mastering gear used:
Rohde & Schwarz U23 Limiter (tube)
ST EMT 140 plate reverb (tube)
Klein & Hummel UE 100 Equalizer (tube)
Neumann W495 Equalizer